1.   The first consultation, after an initial enquiry, is entirely free and with no obligation.

2.   This consists of an hour or so of discussion and a quick sketch or two to determine the customerís requirements, and a very rough estimate.

3.   A detailed watercolour, to be retained by the artist (for use in the commission). The customer may have this at the end of the mural or painting. The cost of producing this painting would be approx £75 - £150.

4.   An estimate depends on the amount of detail required, position, surface of wall or quality of canvas, and many other requirements.

5.   On agreement of estimate, one third of the payment is due on commencement of work. One third at the halfway stage, where some minor changes may be made.

6.   And the last payment on completion of the work.

7.   If it is a very large order, over £3000, payments would be divided into more instalments.

8.   I have added a few example payments (2010), to help you assess what you may like to order.

9.   The web page íSketches for muralsí contains example of the link of watercolour development sketch provided at the second stage. A choice of three can be produced.